Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin types are over sensitive to internal and external stimuli such as stress, hereditary predispositions, the sun's rays but also washing too frequently. It is susceptible to redness, irritations, and even psoriasis or itchy skin.

This is cased by an unbalanced skin protection barrier which leads to the skin drying out and irritants penetrating it more easily. Thus sensitive skin sometimes reacts violently to even harmless stimuli producing skin irritations.

Treatment of sensitive skin thus has two tasks. On the one hand, irritated skin areas must be gently soothed and regenerated, on the other, the skin's own protective barrier has to be regenerated and strengthened. This ensures that the balance of sensitive skin is stabilised and a healthy radiance is maintained.

Skin care products for sensitive skin should be mild and gentle. It is also recommended that attention be paid to ensure that they are free of fragrances, colours and also emulsifying agents, to avoid causing additional damage to sensitive skin.

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