Dry skin

Dry skin is naturally very delicate, with fine pores, can be somewhat chapped and pale. Persons with dry skin often feel tightness of the skin and tend to get wrinkles.
The reason for this is, above all, a lack of oil but also moisture, which leads to diminished functioning of the epidermis. This can no longer fully perform its protective function and loses its resistance and elasticity. Scaly skin is the result and tiny veins are often visible.
Dry skin is a relatively frequent skin type. Skin can become drier as we get older amongst other things. This is due to the fact that the skin's regeneration capability and sebum production decrease as the years go by. The natural protective layer thus becomes increasingly thinner and more susceptible to external stimuli and environmental impact.

Dry skin thus needs extra protection and skin care. Rich fat components and oils and protecting vitamins are important, to combat any sensation of tightness and to strengthen the skin's natural resistance lending dry skin a relaxed and healthy radiance.

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