Mature skin

Mature skin could also be referred to as demanding skin. There is no specific age at which one speaks of mature skin. It is rather a case that skin changes with age and thus becomes more demanding. It is susceptible to dryness, while less fat is produced. At the same time, cell regeneration is slower, whereby the skin's resilience and elasticity is reduced and it becomes somewhat tired and pale looking. Wrinkles start to appear, particularly around the mouth and eye areas.

Accordingly, demanding, mature skin requires intensive care. It needs rich and regenerating skin care components that act against dryness and special ingredients that reduce wrinkles, preventing reoccurrence and protect the skin's resilience and elasticity for longer. This lends the skin a youthful radiance that is full of vitality.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin types are over sensitive to internal and external stimuli such as stress, hereditary predispositions, the sun's rays but also washing too frequently. It is susceptible to redness, irritations, and even psoriasis or itchy skin.

This is cased by an unbalanced skin protection barrier which leads to the skin drying out and irritants penetrating it more easily. Thus sensitive skin sometimes reacts violently to even harmless stimuli producing skin irritations.

Treatment of sensitive skin thus has two tasks. On the one hand, irritated skin areas must be gently soothed and regenerated, on the other, the skin's own protective barrier has to be regenerated and strengthened. This ensures that the balance of sensitive skin is stabilised and a healthy radiance is maintained.

Skin care products for sensitive skin should be mild and gentle. It is also recommended that attention be paid to ensure that they are free of fragrances, colours and also emulsifying agents, to avoid causing additional damage to sensitive skin.

Mixed to impure skin

Mixed to impure skin has oily and also normal and/ or dry skin areas. Characteristic of this skin type is what is known as the T-Zone, that is, the forehead, nose and chin. This area has large pores, poor blood supply and is oily-shiny. There are many sebaceous glands here that overproduce skin oils with the result that pores become blocked and blemishes appear.

Mixed to impure skin thus needs a balanced skin care regime that moisturises the cheek areas, whilst keeping the shiny T-Zone free from excess fat and matted. In addition, mild antibacterial ingredients can help to combat blemishes and prevent their development. This gives mixed to impure skin a fresh radiance.

Normal skin

Those who have normal skin can count themselves lucky, as this is a very unproblematic skin type. The skin is balanced, so not too oily and not too dry and is not susceptible to external stimuli like wind and sun. Generally speaking, normal skin has a good colouring and is virtually free of blackheads. To preserve this healthy radiance, normal skin needs a light cleansing and care that thoroughly replenishes and provides lasting protection against moisture loss.

Dry skin

Dry skin is naturally very delicate, with fine pores, can be somewhat chapped and pale. Persons with dry skin often feel tightness of the skin and tend to get wrinkles.
The reason for this is, above all, a lack of oil but also moisture, which leads to diminished functioning of the epidermis. This can no longer fully perform its protective function and loses its resistance and elasticity. Scaly skin is the result and tiny veins are often visible.
Dry skin is a relatively frequent skin type. Skin can become drier as we get older amongst other things. This is due to the fact that the skin's regeneration capability and sebum production decrease as the years go by. The natural protective layer thus becomes increasingly thinner and more susceptible to external stimuli and environmental impact.

Dry skin thus needs extra protection and skin care. Rich fat components and oils and protecting vitamins are important, to combat any sensation of tightness and to strengthen the skin's natural resistance lending dry skin a relaxed and healthy radiance.