Constance Marie's Glowing Skin

TVstar Constance Marie of George Lopez shares her regimen for great skincare. Do try this at home.

Perfect skin might be a gift from the beauty gods, but as Constance Marie, star of ABC's George Lopez will attest, even the godly can be improved. In fact, this vegetarian and exercise fanatic credits her healthy habits with keeping her skin -- which is constantly exposed to harsh TV lights -- in tip-top shape. A careful skincare regimen and the right makeup round out Marie's great-skin secrets.
She wasn't always so conscientious. "I used to get away with no-no's like sleeping with my makeup on, but now I can really see how it affects my skin," says Marie, 35. "Stress, too, is a real killer. I have dark undereye circles anyway. Stress makes them worse."
Dryness and breakouts add to her skincare woes, but Marie has found a way to fight back: "Whenever I get that dull, dry, flat look, I steam my face for five minutes," she says, adding that this simple ritual, consisting of just a bowl of boiled water and a towel, adds a pretty flush to her face that lasts all day. Even her makeup adheres better, she says. She cleanses every morning and night, uses a light moisturizer, and is faithful to her eye cream. On days off, Marie opts for just concealer, mascara, and lip gloss, and she admits to having particularly high expectations for her concealer. "It should match your skin tone, be thick enough to cover, but not so thick that it cakes up later," she says with a laugh. "I've researched them all!"

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